Znex Notstrøm Battery bank mounts on your mountain bike for charging gadgets

Znex Notstrøm power bank for bikes

Power Bank for your bike

Adventure and technology go hand-in-hand these days since one needs to be connected via mobile devices at all times. As a mountain bike rider there is no limit to the kind of adventure that awaits you, and that is why you need a source that can charge your smartphone on the go. Sure, portable battery banks are a good option, but they can only last for 2-3 charge cycles before they need a recharge, plus they need to be carried in your backpack. Znex Notstrøm Battery bank is an accessory that attaches to your bike and provides uninterrupted charging capabilities for your mobile devices.

Znex Notstrøm power bank for bikes

Charges your smartphone, camera and GPS devices on the go

This waterproof (IP67), weather-proof and shockproof battery bank can charge your smartphone, tablet, camera or GPS devices on the go. It can easily be mounted onto your bike, and from there on you are good to go into any adventure unknown. The Panasonic lithium-ion battery unit in this accessory has 10,000mAh of charge and comes with a Y-cable design that charges two devices at a time.

Znex Notstrøm power bank for bikes

Mounts on your bike

The light-weight battery bank made from aircraft-grade aluminum weighs just 291 grams and is perfect for touring trips and endurance ride into the woods. When the battery of this power bank runs low, it gives visual warning and can be charged from your PC or wall socket. As a complimentary accessory you can get a bicycle LED lamp that has 950 lumens light output for your night time adventures.

You can order Znex Notstrøm right away for a price tag of €89.95 in the EEC and $79.95 in all other countries.

Znex Notstrøm power bank for bikes

Perfect accessory for mountain bikers

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