Chinese farmer invents a vibrating bed that aids in passing kidney stone

Kidney stone passing bed

Kidney stone passing bed

Kidney stones are one of the most irritating and painful things when we talk of ailments. A moving kidney stone is more painful than a bullet strike, and is like hell for the suffering patient. Having experienced kidney stone pain myself couple of years ago, I know how painful it can be. Thankfully 51-year old Zhu Qinghua, a farmer in Jiangxi Province has come up with an innovative way of dislodging kidney stone and passing them with ease.

This invention cropped-up in his mind after his wife had kidney stones in one kidney and doctors advised her to stand upside down to remove the stones, since her left kidney had also been removed due to the same problem. Due to this performing a surgery was a risky affair and Zhu took the matter in his own hands to devise a bed that would help pass the stones through urine.

Kidney stone passing bed

Vibrating bed that helps in passing kidney stones

Zhu ventured out on making a Stone Removing Bed, and it took him around one month’s time to make it, costing just 1,000 Yuan (Approx. 161.28 USD). The vibrating motion of this bed comes from the 360 degree rotating wheel of a tractor driven by a small motor that helps in the process and increases the changes of kidney stone being dislodged from its position.

Kidney stone passing bed

Other villagers also found the bed to be effective

After making the bed, Zhu strapped his wife to it and with 10 minutes a day of therapy for 5 days was enough to pass the kidney stones. Later on Zhu invited three other kidney stone patients from the village to use the bed, and they also found the DIY therapy to be working for them. Apparently, Zhu also received a patent for this invention and is now looking to mass produce such of bed after making improvements and changes in the current experimental version.

Zhu Qinghua has received a patent for it

Zhu Qinghua has received a patent for it

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