This Iron Man laser glove can induce serious damage

Iron Man Laser Glove

When it comes to making impressive laser weapons and other DIY stuff, Patrick Priebe has no matching rivals who can provide some competition. In this edition of his laser weapons, the German DIY’er has come up with a damage inducing Iron Man Glove inspired by The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie that is absolutely cool. This dual laser firing glove is complete with light, sound and an ejecting shell to make all those simple Iron Man glove DIY’s seem lame.

Patrick completed this DIY project in three weeks’ time, and made it a point to make it as practical as possible. The glove is made from aluminum and brass with look that rivals even the real glove shown in the movie. To regulate the various functions of the glove, there are three control buttons.

To get it started, one has to push the main switch for charging the two lasers which makes a noise and illuminates the ring of palm LEDs. The blue laser has a power of 3000mW to burn wood, while the red laser has 800mW power to make quick work of bursting balloons.

Iron Man Laser Glove

However, this laser ejecting glove is quite dangerous too if it comes in contact with human skin or you see it with your naked eyes. Equally dangerous is the ejecting shell that can do some serious damage.

None the less a great DIY project that is quite tech savvy considering the complex mechanical and electrical mechanisms embedded in it. Patrick has put up the sale version of this Iron Man Glove on his website, so you can get your hands on it right away.

Via: CNet



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