Google dives into the mobile network market with Project Fi

Google Project Fi

Google has jumped into the mobile phone network market with its launch of Project Fi offered for Nexus 6 smartphones in the U.S. This is a fresh start by Google to explore the opportunity to provide quality network to users for connecting and communicating in a seamless fashion. Having partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, Project Fi looks to provide the best network possible for demanding users. The search engine giant has developed a new technology that connects to the fastest network, be it your 4G LTE or WiFi for hitch free browsing on the web.

The unique thing about this new service is that the user will only have to pay for the amount of data he/she has used in the stipulated time frame. For example if you opted for a 2GB plan for one month and you only used 1GB data, then the company will refund you half the money since you have only used half data.

The current price quotation for the initial service plans are; $20 per month for all basic cellular services (calling, text, WiFi tethering and international coverage in over 120 countries) and after that for every GB you’ll have to pay $10.

Google is working hard on making this new service work well in the U.S. before it can venture out to other parts of the globe. Additionally it is also trying to combine Hangouts and Google Voice to enhance the experience of users worldwide.

Source: GoogleBlogSpot



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