Microsoft Handpose: Hand-gesture controlled system much advanced than its predecessors

Microsoft Handpose

Microsoft has developed a new kind of advanced hand gesture tracking technology that may call it a day to all the wireless keyboards, mouse and gaming controllers. Dubbed as Handpose, this new system is capable of gesture-controlling anything from your reading mails to actuating the in-game virtual reality environment. Microsoft is going to present Handpose system at this year’s CHI Conference on computer-interaction in Seoul.

Handpose works with a camera that tracks hand movement of the user, in a much more complex manner than the currently used hand-gesture tracking equipment. This means it is capable of registering even minute hand and finger movements like thumbs-up sign or rapid movement of fingers. According to the Microsoft engineers developing this system, it will only track the movement of hand and fingers, as opposed to tracking the whole body movement.

By using 3D hand-modelling software, the real-time hand-tracking of this system allowed for more precise recognition of gestures. All this will lead to a complex system that can be used to control robots or as an input for other AI interfaces, paving new avenues for human-computer interaction. For now Microsoft is using Xbox One Kinect for all the tracking, but in the future this system will be a standalone gadget that does much more than you expect.

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