AlcoStop – Sensor embedded gadget that restricts drunk driving completely!


Drunk is the main cause for accidents worldwide and although there are breathalyzers to detect and prevent drunk driving, people find a way around this checkpoint, and law enforcement cannot check most of the drunk driving instances on a whole. A team of eight students from Mexico’s Institute of Technology of Cintalapa have a vision to eliminate drunk driving completely as they have developed AlcoStop prototype device. These five students include three students of renewable energy and five from computer engineering at the Institute of Technology of Cintalapa.

This device is basically a set of sensors embedded in the steering wheel, shift lever and seat of your car for measuring the blood alcohol levels. If the alcohol level is found to be more than the accepted level, then this device doesn’t allow the driver to start his/her car. Now, that is some stringent law enforcement that makes sure there is no drunk driver on the road, creating nuisance and danger for other drivers on the road.


It not only prevents the driver from driving the vehicle by disabling the ignition switch, but it also sends a message and location via an app to a friend’s number to pick up the person. According to the students, AlcoStop can be installed by the owner of the vehicle, and it functions as a security measure to curb drunk driving. But it would be better if the system came pre-installed with all the automobiles on the road in the near future.

Meanwhile, as we speak, the students are refining sensors of AlcoStop system so that it can be more accurate and fullproof. They also have plans to bring the device to the retail market soon, so better lookout for it.

Source: Invdes Via: ScienceDaily



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