Smart Palm: Tree that provides free gadget charging, WiFi and shade from the sun

Smart Palm Dubai gadget charging and WiFi station

In the old days we used to hear that a tree provides you shade from the sun and also fresh breath of air, rejuvenating the sense. But in modern times a tree is destined to provide you with much more than you bargained for. Yes, an artificial palm tree like structure dubbed Smart Palm has been launched by the Dubai Municipality at Gate 6 of Zabeel Park which provides park visitors with free WiFi, charging points for gadgets and some relief from relentless sun.

Smart Palm Dubai gadget charging and WiFi station

According to Director-General of the Dubai Municipality Hussain Nasser Lootah, 52 more Solar Palms will be installed at various public locations like beaches and parks in the coming months.

This 6-meter tall solar-powered tech edifice has mono-crystal solar panels on top of the front roof which get charged all day long to make sure that you never have a battery running out of juice. There are 8 charging points in this hub and it can charge gadgets two and a half times faster than ordinary plugs.

Smart Palm Dubai

The free WiFi network connectivity of Smart Palm has a range of 53 meters with capability of connecting 50 users simultaneously, and is provided by telecom company Du.

Installing Smart Palm is a good idea in public locations and especially Dubai and other Middle East countries where sun beats down very hard.

Smart Palm Dubai

Via: Telegraph



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