Teenager invents walking cane gadget that helps blind people stroll safely

SmartWalk walking cane

Teenagers are intuitive, and it is quite clear from the teenage inventions that we have seen in the past. Another invention is out there that proves how intelligent and concerned teenager are about problems most of ignore. Raghav Ganesh, a 13-year old student from San Jose has invented a device that helps blind people in moving safely in public places. Raghav has named this device as SmartWalk which started as a science fair project, but ended as a gadget that could be attached to any walking cane for better navigation.

SmartWalk walking cane

The device uses ultrasonic and infrared sensors to detect objects in the periphery and then transmits this information to the cane via vibration. It detects hanging objects, end of stairwell, protruding obstacles etc. Raghav worked on his first prototype of the SmartWalk after getting inspiration from a documentary about daily life of blind and visually impaired. To test his design the teenager has collaborated with Santa Clara Valley Center for The Blind who are using the device to make modifications to the design.

SmartWalk walking cane

Although there are quite a few similar products in the market, but they cost around $900 USD which can be really expensive for majority of visually-impaired people. Therefore, Raghav has made it a point to keep the cost down to $20, and his current prototype costs $55.

Via: SocietyForScience



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