High school students invent football helmet that reduces impact injuries by 70%

Football helmet by Oklahoma high shool student Ethan Blagg

Most of the parents are reluctant in sending their child to play American football simply because of the impact injuries to head that can be a health risk and also in extreme cases fatal at times. Ethan Blagg, who is a senior at Francis Tuttle, Oklahoma High School and a linebacker, got his fourth concussion after a head injury while playing football and was warned by his neurologist to give up the game because of further health issues that might affect his brain if any further injuries are sustained. This has hampered his daily routine and study since he is having vision problems and headaches every now and then.

To prevent the next generation of American football players from such problems, Ethan and his two classmates are developing a light-weight helmet constructed from carbon fiber material that can reduce the impact injuries by almost 75%. In particular the face mask to face mask impacts when players hit their heads. With almost a year into research and engineering of this shock-absorbing helmet, things look good for this new age solution to a prolonged problem in football.

For now the helmet looks in a very raw stage, more like a headgear from a war scene. Prototype of this helmet will be showcased at the Francis Tuttle pre-engineering academy, located near N.W. 150th St. and Portland Ave. on Thursday night.

Football helmet by Oklahoma high shool student Ethan Blagg

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