Portable stove to relish your star-studded adventure with a tasty meal

Snow Peak BiPod Stove

Whether you are hiking, trekking or camping in the woods; it is always good to have a stove because nights can get really cold and eating cooked prawn that you just caught is good for your tummy. Carrying a stove is also a predicament for your storage, since your backpack can hold a limited amount of important accessories and you also don’t want to carry extra weight. Japanese company Snow Peak has come up with a light-weight and compact stove that fits easily in your backpack, and when the need arises it can be used without much fuzz.

Snow Peak BiPod Stove is tailor-made for campers and adventure junkies who like spending their nights under the star-studded sky. This lightweight, backpacker’s accessory is designed in such a way that you can unfold it, connect the stainless steel legs and support arm to start cooking amidst the peaceful natural setting of the mountains. The stove can hold large cook pots and utensils, so you don’t have to worry much about storage space.

Snow Peak BiPod Stove

The stove has a canister fuel compartment and automatic igniter to make sure that you get a good amount of fire to cook food in the lap of nature. BioPod Stove weighs just 200 grams and has dimensions of 70 x 126 x 59 mm in folded position, making it a compact stove that you can carry easily.

The stove is available for purchase at Snow Peak for a price of 90 dollars and you can get it right away by clicking here.

Snow Peak BiPod Stove

Snow Peak BiPod Stove

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