Air-powered bike that’ll give you adrenalin rush (w/video)

air powered bicycle

Whenever we talk about harnessing natural energy resources, air is one potent resource that can be used very wisely. That is what Cory Little did by inventing an air-powered bicycle that can go a fair distance without much problem. Using compressed air and a special kind of motor, Cory has made an impressive piece of machinery with help from Josh Powell, his friend. As you can see from the video below, this air-powered bike pushes forward like a runaway train with sound that of a steam engine.

Unlike other air-powered machines that use complex engine mechanism, this one uses dual-action pistons with the upper end tied to the bike’s frame and the other end connected to the sprocket. This simple mechanism drives the pedal and transfers power to the axle of this bike, and mind you it is quite impressive.

The project is currently in prototyping stage and a lot of improvements need to be made in case Corry wants to take it to the commercial market. The biggest predicament for him would be the large compressed air compartment that makes the whole thing look bulky.



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