Apple Watch is nightmare for inked people, since you are practically dead for the smartwatch!

Apple Watch tattoo issue

People with wrist tattoo(s) might want to reconsider buying Apple Watch

If you’ve got yourself inked around the hand and arm areas, then it might be good idea to ditch the idea of buying Apple Watch. Reason? Well, both don’t get well along and disrupts the proper functioning of the smartwatch. As Reditt user [guinne55fan] discovered that the Apple Watch has problems detecting skin contact, if the person wearing it has got tattoos on that particular section of the wrist.

Since, Apple Watch uses asphotoplethysmography, a process where flashing green LED light identifies blood flow in the veins for detecting heart rate, as well as functioning since the screen locks-up itself and the user isn’t able to get notifications.

Apple Watch tattoo issue

The tattoo disrupts the skin contact detection technology of Apple Watch

Apple Watch has problems detecting skin contact for accurately measuring heart-rate.

This is serious problem for inked Apple Watch users as the device will have certain anomalies. Even more so for people who are eagerly wanting to try the Apple Pay function because the issue gets resolved by turning off the wrist detection mode, but then the Apple pay feature doesn’t work.

Even worse, Apple itself has mentioned in its website that there are some issues with reading the heart-rate for every user under normal conditions. Now, that is not a good news for a wearable gadget that costs 400 odd dollars. And for people who have tattoo(s) on the wrist they are planning to sport Apple Watch, you might just want to go for other better options!

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