Microsoft HoloLens headset demos Windows 10 apps at Build 2015 conference

Microsoft HoloLens headset Windows 10 apps

At the annual Build developer conference, Microsoft swept everyone present with their holographic technology demonstration using the HoloLens headset that debuted a few months ago. Microsoft showed-off the Windows 10 apps running in conjunction with the HoloLens which looked quite dream-like in the demo that was put together. The demonstration starts with the camera giving you POV footage of whatever was being seen and toggled by the Microsoft demonstrator.

Combining holographic imaging and hand gestures, the person wearing HoloLens headset can do anything from setting up visual weather apps on their desk table or even initiating video calling apps by pinning them on any section of your room wall. But the most impressive feature is its ability to tag along the video player with you to anywhere you move in the room and also pan the size of this player.

You can set your room décor elements or even have virtual pets that’ll make for completely customizable setup. Microsoft has also made it a point to integrate all the Windows 10 apps for use with the HoloLens headset which is good news for the future of augmented reality.

Although the virtual reality environment setup by HoloLens is not as good as the Oculus Rift headset, but its USP is the ability to run many Windows 10 apps simultaneously.

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