The Dark Knight Tumbler – RC vehicle every big boy would want to own

Smartphone controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy  Tumbler RC vehicle

Smartphone-controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler RC vehicle

When we talk of RC cars, they are everyone’s childhood toy and even adults love these toys for good reason. And when RC toy is a sci-fi vehicle from the superhero of Gotham city, it is perfect icing on the cake. By now you must have got the idea that we are talking about Batman and his desirable Tumbler vehicle. Soap Studio has come up with 1:12 scale version of the Tumbler vehicle that is controlled via your Android or iOS mobile device.

Called as The Dark Knight Trilogy –Tumbler, this RC toy matches the real vehicle feature for feature. The mobile app controlled interface of the RC toy gives the person driving it a first-person view of what ahead, turning you into a virtual Batman. The vehicle can be controlled from 25 meters away over a WiFi connection using your smartphone. The built-in 2100mAh replaceable lithium ion battery charges in 40 minutes time and gives around 1.5 hours battery life before requiring another charge.

There are cool functions like opening and closing cockpit, spoiler adjustment, voice intercom and even a jet powered mode to have additional speed boost of 30%. Compliment that with night vision camera, light effects and photo & video recording, and you are surely going to love this RC vehicle to bits.

Smartphone controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy  Tumbler RC vehicle

Comes with a charging case that is equally cool

Equally impressive is the Gotham City styled diorama charging base and Batman themed bridge that completes the whole look. There are 8 adjustable LED lights on the base of the charging station which can be controlled by the flick of a wrist using a batarang-shaped Neo Sensor remote motion detector control.

This cool RC vehicle is up for pre-order till 11 May 2015 and is slated for shipment by the end of June 2015. The price tag of $999 might seem high, but for a die heart batman and Tumbler fan it is a must have collector’s item.

Smartphone controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy  Tumbler RC vehicle

Limited edition comes with Batman figurine



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