Braille Rubik’s cube has 3D printed numbered tiles for unstoppable fun

3D printed braille Rubiks cube

There are many interesting records being set with Rubik’s Cube, but all that means nothing for a visually impaired person as it is just a cubical shaped object that they can hold. Do they deserve to experience what can be done with a Rubik’s Cube? Most definitely, yes. Instructables user [liquidwash] though along the same lines, and therefore put up his DIY project about a 3D printed Braille Rubik’s Cube.

3D printed braille Rubiks cube

So, instead of having colors that would mean nothing to a blind person, he used numbers as the reference to solve the cube. Each of the six sides is numbered with tiles and getting all the same numbered tiles on one side is the challenge of this DIY cube.

By 3D printing 81 braille tiles with one of the numbers from 1-6, he managed to create a Rubik’s cube game that a normal person would also find interesting enough. By taking out the color stickers of this cube and replacing them with these 3D printed tiles did the trick. He glued them on with a good adhesive and there it was, a Rubik’s Cube that his dear friend could play with all day.

3D printed braille Rubiks cube

Via: 3Ders



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