Glider Yachts Hyper Sports with skis like design to debut at Monaco Yacht Show

Glider Yachts HS18 super yacht

Glider Yachts HS18 super yacht

The granddaddy of all luxury yachts is going to turn heads at the Monaco Yacht Show to be held in September as Britain-based Glider Yachts aim to revolutionize the superyacht market. This is Glider Yachts HS18 (Hyper Sports) prototype that looks like a water vehicle on skis is all set for a grand debut as the company has signed a £100 million deal with marine engineers Burgess Marine. Combining luxury and speed into a yacht that makes all other speedboats look ordinary, this super yacht glides over water at top speed in excess of 170kmph.

Glider Yachts HS18 super yacht

Long hull design for luxury on skis

Minimizing the surface contact with water means that this superyacht creates less drag and therefore glides on water with not much problem. The same is true for bad weather conditions and rough sea, since HS18 makes it ultra-easy for the crew to head back safely home without much damage. All this is made possible with Stability Control System that ensures smooth commuting abode all the luxury of this yacht.

Glider Yachts HS18 super yacht

Minimum contact area with water makes it glide in the seas

It is not surprising that Glider Yachts SS18 is now into the seventh year of its conceptualization and making with its unmatchable technology and design. On top of that the shallow hull of this speed boat means you can drive it much further into the bay area for some show off. After all you have 3400bhp of power via two 270 BHP engines that can hurl you to 0-60 knots in mere 3.5 seconds. That is if you can bear the heart-stopping price of £475,000!

Glider Yachts HS18 super yacht

All set to be revealed at Monaco Yacht Show



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