Galaxy S6 Edge coming in Iron Man themed attire, Samsung confirms

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Age of Ultron themed phone

The rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man themed version has finally been confirmed by the South Korean company. To promote the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Samsung has formed alliance with Marvels Studio to release this special edition series by early June. As expected, these exclusive smartphones is going to sport red and golden colors, customary to the Iron Man theme. This limited edition theme will include wallpapers, lock screen and icons.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Age of Ultron themed phone

This partnership will be the beginning of more such mobile devices carrying the Iron Man or other character’s theme for die hard movie fans. This revelation was made by Korea Times who is confident that these phones may be launched by May end which is not surprising.

There are no other details on how the phones will look or have added elements to show-off these limited edition phones, but we expect more details to surface in the coming days. Just one doubt though, isn’t it surprising that Samsung is planning to release these special edition phones now that the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie has already been released?


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Limited Edition phone

Samsung has officially released the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition phone in Iron Man red and gold color theme. The phone comes with matching accessories and has pre-installed Avengers theme, wireless charging pad in the shape of arc reactor and a limited edition Avengers box. The phone will be limited to just 1000 units, so better get your pre-order now.



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