Affordable white shirt repels oil-based liquid for zero maintenance and care

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Clothing manufacturers have always craved for a fabric that is hydrophobic and repels any kind of staining. White is perhaps one of the most susceptible clothing fabric that is rendered useless in case it is stained beyond cleaning. Moreover, sporting a white formal shirt or tee always exudes confidence, but it is also a dirt magnet which deters many from wearing this soothing colored clothes. A Kickstarter campaign that is on course to attaining almost 5 times the funding goal is all set to change that. This is The Unstainable White Shirt which can take any liquid or oily substance, and still manage to be squeaky clean with the wipe of a cleaning cloth.

Currently being targeted towards the female section of shoppers, this shirt by Elizabeth & Clarke is surprisingly affordable, fit for everyday routine and washable without any restraints. Made from a fabric that repels water and other staining liquids just like a flower resists morning dew, it demonstrates the benefits of nanotechnology at the molecular level. This fabric stops liquid and oily substance from entering the garment courtesy its proprietary garment finish that uses miniscule whiskers that are 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand!

The unstianable white shirt

This ensures hassle free wiping of liquid and oil-based foods from the shirt, making the garment 100% stain-resistant and water-repelling. On top of that the shirt is stitched to perfection, making it ideal for business meetings and formal interviews.

The garment will come in four options – Liz Lemon T-shirt that start from $25, The White, The Arden sleeveless Tee and The Parker which is a placket-front blouse for $40. Of course that is the price if your pledge certain amount on Kickstarter, but the retail version is going to be a little more costly.

The unstainable white shirt



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