This hydrogen fuel cell powered drone is ideal for long-lasting missions

Hycopter hydrogen fuel cell drone

Hycopter – hydrogen fuel cell powered drone

Making steep progress in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology is this hydrogen fuel cell propelled quadcopter that is destined for glory. Hycopter is going to be the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered multi-rotor drone that is going to fly for a record 4 hours duration non-stop. Mind you, that is almost 6 times the average flight duration of UAVs. Breaking the shackles of current drone flight times means extended job profile for the hydrogen fuel cell powered UAV in war zones, spying, aerial surveys and other applications.

Hycopter, designed by Singapore-based Horizon Unmanned Systems (HUS), stores hydrogen in its frame structure and when it needs to fly, the hydrogen is converted into electricity with the light-weight fuel cells. This means a lightweight drone capable of flying with agility and more airtime. Even if the hydrogen fuel cell powered quadcopter is loaded with a payload of 1kg, it can fly for more than 2 hours on a single charge.

The fuel cell on-board this UAV is developed by HUS’s sister concern of Horizon Energy Systems (HES), and frankly speaking this new technological innovation has opened up new avenues in unmanned flight systems. As for the hydrogen fuel cell driven chassis, this drone makes all the other UAV’s look ordinary.



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