StoreDot invents electric car battery that charges in just 5 minutes!

StoreDot Flashbattery for electric vehicles

StoreDot, the maker of super quick charging technology that charges your smartphone in a matter of seconds is now looking at the bigger segment of electric vehicles. The company has now built a prototype battery using organic materials that can be charged in just 5 minutes which is a huge leap in car battery charging technology. By developing this innovative nanotechnology, StoreDot is looking to reduce EV charging time dramatically, thereby attracting more automotive manufactures to go for electric vehicles in their line-up.

The FlashBattery uses an array of 7,000 cells that turn peptides into energy storage nanotubes which emit huge amount of energy with the help of Nanodots. To make things simpler, the system charges your car battery in five minutes time and is good enough to go a distance of 480km!

Not only does it encourage the use of EV just like any normal car, but it also reduces the number of charging stations needed to charge your electric car(s). This technological innovation will profoundly change the way we perceive the automotive industry in a decade’s time.

Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot said:

StoreDot wishes to expand into the electric car market and become the leader in the race for the fastest charged battery. This step is a part of our move to commercialize our cutting-age technology that can change the lives of smartphone users and drivers.



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