Wallet Drone – World’s smallest pocket quadcopter will bring out the kid in you

Wallet drone by Morrison Innovations

Morrison Innovations who successfully funded their tiny little Nano Drone on Indiegogo are now back with a bang in just two months’ time with another improved version that promises even more. This is Wallet Drone, a quadcopter small enough to fit inside your pocket and its striking feature is the ability to fit inside the controller, making it a compact unit that is going to lure buyers. In fact the drone measures just 1.57 x 1.57 inches making it the smallest drone in the world. The controller that it fits inside isn’t that big either at 3.35 x 1.1 inches!

Of course the company is selling it under Axis Drones brand name, but still it is impressive enough to go for. With only three days into the funding campaign, Wallet Drone has managed to acquire 90% of funding goal and looks all set to bring the palm-sized drone to the market.

The drone charges inside the controller with on-board AA batteries or via USB connectivity within 15-20 minutes and has a flight time of 7 minutes which is on the lower side. The user can set the quadcopter with three different levels of flight sensitivity and it has a special trick mode that allows it to make cool moves like flipping and rolling. Plus Wallet Drone is equipped with cool LED lights for night time flying.

This drone is going to come at a cool price of $35 USD for people who pledge this amount on Indiegogo. So, go on don’t miss the opportunity to bag the world’s smallest drone right away.

Walletr drone

Walletr drone_2

Walletr drone_1



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