Chop your Moto X 2nd Gen twice in the air to turn on flashlight!

Chop Twice for flashlight Moto X feature

Motorola has made a strong comeback into the phone market with its Moto E smartphone and never looked back since then. Moto X has also been performing good, and positioned as a high-end phone for premium users, it has delivered to the promise in the last year or so. Plus it is a Google owned mobile device so it enjoys the perk of getting the latest updates to the Google Android OS. Now Motorola has rolled out the Android 5.1 Lollipop update for Moto X (2nd Gen.) and it comes with a handy new feature that will be adopted by other phone manufacturers too.

Chop Twice for flashlight Moto X feature

Motorola calls it the Moto Action: Chop Twice for Flashlight gesture, so that you can use the gesture to quickly turn on the light when needed. All you have to do is chop the phone in the air to turn the flashlight on and to turn it off repeat the action. Personally I find this feature very cool since it takes almost 4-5 seconds to turn on the flashlight of the phone when needed in a hurry. By doing this we are talking about turning on the light in mere 1 second!

Along with that update Motorola is also rolling out more stringent security for lost or stolen devices. And the HD voice support with quicker access to Bluetooth and WiFi settings makes things even better.

For now the update will be rolled for select Moto X devices in Brazil, with a global rollout expected in the coming weeks. So, start practicing already as this cool new gesture will be fun too.

Source: Motorola



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