Rhino Slider EVO – Modular camera slider for pro level shooting

Rhino Slider EVO

As a photography and cinematography enthusiast you need to explore different angles of shooting. In particular while shooting videos which can really bring out your creativity. Here is an accessory that will bring cinematic video shooting right to your DSLR with smooth panning angles. This is Rhino Slider EVO camera accessory which is targeted for professional movie makers and long shutter exposure photography.

The accessory easily mounts your DSLR camera or video camera and with a plethora of options to customize the ride height or angle of sliding, it gives you complete freedom to shoot creative photography and videos, just like a pro.

It has an in-built high capacity battery which lasts a long time, so you don’t have to worry about charging the motor unit. Moreover this camera accessory is also well suited for shooting long exposure photographs since it has included shutter release cable.

Rhino Slider EVO

Rhino Slider EVO comes with a wired controller that lets you actuate the movement of the slider from a distance, giving you complete control of what is being shot. All-in-all it a good camera accessory to own, especially if you want to get ultra-creative.

The project is up on Kickstarter for funding and it has already amassed thrice the funding goal, so it will be pushed forward into production. If you also want to grab Rhino Slider EVO for $399, then head right over to Kickstarter.



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