You’ll fall head over heels for the F32 Bagger bike with rear speakers!

F32 bagger by Kodlin Motorcycles

F32 Bagger bike by Kodlin Motorcycles

Have a look at this extreme Bagger by team of father and son, popularly known as Fred and Len Kodlin. Redefining the sense of design for what a futuristic bike would look like, this extreme Bagger design is out of this world. It took the duo almost a year to craft this masterpiece having a modified Harley Davidson motor, and boy I tell you it is impressive. With a huge front wheel measuring 32”, this is one hell of a European ride dubbed as F32 will shoot you to thrill without much effort.

The twin cam configuration of this road legal bike and 170 HP is enough to whiz past bystanders who’ll want to know more about this machine. Everything right from the front section which looks more like a cruise bike to the rear portion that is a complete contrast looks perfectly merged into one. And don’t be surprised if I tell you that this Bagger comes with speakers that are integrated on the left rear side!

To complete the look of this bike, the makers have draped it in unbelievable 3D paint effect which brings out the design inspired by F-117 Stealth Fighter. The more I talk about this bike, the more I fall in love with it because everything about it is out of the extraordinary, fitting right into the awesomeness category!

F32 bagger by Kodlin Motorcycles

Has a modified Harley Davidson motor

F32 bagger by Kodlin Motorcycles

Presented at the Sansibar on Sylt in Germany



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