Solar Bike: Engineer designs bike that charges itself through its wheels

Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig

Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig

Biking is already one of the most eco-friendly way of commuting to work. Now with electric bikes making their way into the market at a blistering speed, the life of a biker is getting better than before. Jesper Frausig, a Denmark-based solar-energy engineer have plans to further improve the life of bike riders. He has developed a solar-powered bike that charges itself through its wheels and doesn’t require energy from external power grid. Dubbed Solar Bike, the innovative and sustainable alternative to the electric bike is designed like a conventional bike and is easy to ride and maintain.

The Solar Bike doesn’t come with any extra features, the only change is that in place of spokes it comes with on-wheel solar cells that delivers renewable solar energy to the battery. Whether the bike is in motion or at rest, these solar panels absorbs the solar energy and charges the battery. Offering unmatchable freedom to the riders, the Solar Bike is perfect for city biking as well as off-grid biking.

Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig

Solar powered electric Bike

The bike offers a standard speed of 25km/hour and can reach a maximum of 50km/hour. The battery can store enough energy which will allow the bike to go a distance of 70km. However, despite of highly efficient and shadow-optimized solar cells, the Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig can only charge from 2km/day to a maximum of 25km/day worth of energy depending on the sun hours.

There is no word on the pricing and availability of the Solar Bike yet.

Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig

Solar Bike charges itself through its wheels

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