Ping pong ball-sized portable speaker morphs your smartphone into a boombox

Elecom smartphone speaker

Elecom smartphone speaker

There are times when you want to enjoy quality music from the speakers of your smartphone. But there is a limitation to what your smartphone’s in-built speaker can deliver and what you expect. Don’t worry as guys from the Far East have a very practical solution for you. Unlike other accessories like portable speakers or audio units, this is an accessory that is no bigger than a ping pong ball. In-fact it is a speaker with 1.5 W high power output amplifiers providing you with thumping sound, anytime anywhere.

Elecom smartphone speaker

Increases your smartphone’s output eight times

Elecom ASP-SMP051 monoaural speaker increases the audio output of your smartphone by almost eight times and to top it off it looks cool too. In the shape of a diamond disco ball, this little accessory is small enough to carry with you at all times to enjoy music on the go. The cute little speaker can be charged via USB by connecting to your PC or through USB-AC adapter. After one charge the speaker is good to go for five hours non-stop.

The portable smartphone speaker is perfect for people who want to enjoy quality music with their smartphone without the need to carry bulky accessories. Moreover the chick green, pink and black color option will appeal to boys as well as girls.

Source: Elecom



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