4D Free Fly Coaster ride will test even the toughest riders [w/video]

BATMAN The Ride rollercoaster

World’s most thrilling roller-coaster

If you are an adrenaline junkie always looking for that roller coaster ride that’ll give you the blood rush of a lifetime, there is some good news. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is launching one of their most exciting coaster ride, that only a few can have the guts to ride. They have named it as BATMAN: The Ride, and is all set to make a grand debut on 23 May, kicking off the park’s daily summer season. This is a 4 dimension free-fly coaster that has furious drops, topped-off with interactive ride experience aided by onboard magnetic technology.

Roller coaster that’ll test your physical, mental and psychological conditioning to the limit.

You do really fly like a Batman in this ride featuring a 4D Free Fly Coaster that can take 8 riders in one go to face their fears. The ride starts with an ascend to a 120-foot elevator which releases the riders into the ride of their life traversing through vertical free-falls, head-over-heels flips and speedy sections that push your mental and physical limits to the brim.

Currently there is no other roller coaster ride on this planet that can match BATMAN: The Ride for its sheer ingenuity and the fact that it incorporates visual input like Batmobile and Bat-Signal to make you feel like a Batman.

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