Roland Iten R60 Diablo belt buckle wears a 60.66 carat diamond

Roland Iten R60 Diablo belt buckle-1

With an intention to place an important piece of jewelry in one of everyday men’s accessories; Roland Iten collaborated with Claude Sfeir, world reckoned jewelry expert and watch collector, and created the exceptionally luxurious R60 Diablo – a high-end 60.66 carat diamond belt buckle for men with outrageously deep pockets. The one of its kind belt buckle, the R60 Diablo is quite possibly the craziest of all buckles we’ve ever seen. That said; there is no denying, there wouldn’t be a man who would not like to adorn a stunning 60.66-carat cognac-colored diamond on his waist.

Roland Iten R60 Diablo belt buckle

There is no price for guessing that the huge fancy colored diamond placed on the buckle is one of the rarest in the world. It is a stone from Golconda Region in India, the region known for some of the finest diamonds in the world. To bring masculinity in the buckle with diamond (generally known as women’s best friend); Roland Iten has shaped the diamond in rare kite-shape, and creating a suspension pillar and mechanical mount for support, Roland has managed to allow the stone to remain afloat on the belt buckle. Check out Iten’s previously created belt buckle here.

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The custom-made R60 Diablo mechanical belt buckle is made from almost 109 components all except the buckle chassis is draped in 18-karat red and white gold. The chassis is made from grade 5 titanium. The belt buckle is completely handmade and polished, and all the components are so well en suite that the wearer feels precisely comfortable wearing it.

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The R60 Diablo belt buckle was first showcased to collectors and appreciators in Christie’s Private Sales in Geneva and now the fascinating buckle is to embark on a global journey through various high-profile places for collectors to see. The R60 Diablo will not be showcased to public, however if you are interested in the $10 million odd belt buckle, you can contact Carol Galiano at [email protected]

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Credit: RolandIten/Via: Monochrome



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