Tabby EVO: OSVehicle introduces open source platform for electric vehicles

Tabby EVO by OSVehicle

In 2012, OSVehicle came into existence with an idea to bring a new vision to the transportation industry. The team of creative engineers with a passion for autos wants to revolutionize the aging industry which desperately demands innovation and sustainability. It was in October 2013 when the Hong Kong based company made public appearance for the first time during Maker Faire Europe. Now, the team have introduced their latest open source hardware platform for the creation of electric vehicles. Named Tabby EVO, the open source framework can be used to create your own vehicle, by electric vehicle start-ups, for education purposes and much more.

The Tabby EVO vehicle can be built in about an hour in a standard workshop. It is powered by an 80v/15 kW electric drivetrain and is having a capacity for 2-4 passengers. Equipped with a 93-inch wheelbase, the vehicle can touch a maximum speed of 80mph and offers a range of 87 miles. With upgraded frame and suspension, the electric vehicle qualifies for street-legal use in Europe and the US and can also be used for off-road purposes.

Tabby EVO by OSVehicle

Interested enthusiasts can download all the designs and blueprints from the download section of their website. They can also work on the design and help in improving the design of the vehicle. You can share your ideas with the community by uploading them through the OSV forum.

Tabby EVO by OSVehicle

Via: Makezine



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