Wavekat P70 Personal Watercraft redefines the meaning of water sports

Wavekat P70 Personal Watercraft

Wavekat P70 Personal Watercraft is a high performance speedboat

Looking for a high performance personal watercraft? Then you have landed on the right page. This pals is a speedboat that you can call the Koenigsegg of the watercraft world. Wavekat P70 Personal Watercraft is tailor-made for thrill seekers who want to take their speedboat to the brim of adrenalin rush. In fact you can compare it to a top notch circuit racer that has extraordinary cornering and acceleration capabilities.

Just like a go-kart, this speedboat by Marine Toys and Tenders has throttle pedal and steering wheel for maximum control while making break-neck 90 degree turns which by-the-way is USP of this high performance watercraft for the rich and famous. Wavekat have designed this boat keeping in mind the torrid water conditions by having an asymmetric catamaran hull. As for agility and speed, you can be rest-assured of its high performance credentials which are unmatchable.

Wavekat P70 Personal Watercraft has a total weight of 210 kg and draft of 70cm making it super maneuverable at high speeds of 35+ knots too which is easily achievable with this single-seat boat having a 70hp engine. Moreover the speedboat is suited for any kind of situation since it has optional lifting points and custom built trailer ready for any situation.

The maker promises to make your custom P70 watercraft in around 45 days from the day you pay a fat cheque of USD $22,500 for this speedboat. After that window it will take another 7-10 days to deliver it to your location. Would you want to own it? Or is it just a dream too far? Let us know in the comments section.



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