Robotic-hybrid system ensures speedy recovery of post-stroke paralysis patients

Rehabilitation Sleeve Polytechnic University Hong Kong

The chances of developing partial paralysis in the upper limbs after stroke is quite high. And the only way to have chances of recovery depend on the rehabilitation program that the patient goes through. Keeping this in mind, Polytechnic University (PolyU) Hong Kong has developed a wearable robotic system for post-stroke rehabilitation to restore motor function back to normal. The wearable code named as Rehabilitation Sleeve has been designed by Dr Hu Xiaoling at PolyU’s Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering with assistance from Institute of Textiles and Clothing, Industrial Centre and other organizations.

Rehabilitation Sleeve Polytechnic University Hong Kong

Combing technology and medical science, this new wearable is crucial in restoring the elbow, wrist, hand and fingers back to their normal function. This functional stimulation robotic hybrid system is loaded with a modular apparel and bracing system which is quite comfortable to wear. Additionally the system has a bracing system with skin moisture and pressure management. The modularity of this wearable means that one can devise specific exercises to concentrate on every part of the arm individually.

Innovative wearable that speeds up limb recovery in stroke patients.

Rehabilitation Sleeve also induces electrical stimulation to every part of the limb to speed-up recovery time. According to Dr Hu, the wearable robotic system is far better than conventional systems that are not so accurate. Also, the patient requires 20 sessions of rehabilitative training with Rehab Sleeve, and there is considerable recovery. The device looks good to make it through to mass production and it could easily replace conventional means of restoring movement in limbs after stroke.

Rehabilitation Sleeve Polytechnic University Hong Kong



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