Cicada drone by U.S. Military is an unmanned soldier worth every dime

Cicada drone US military

In the ancient times a pigeon would carry secret messages to and fro which played an important role in building war strategies. Now it is 2015 and things have changed beyond imagination. Today is the time of flying UAV’s that can go out on secretive missions without anyone even noticing them, and what better than combining those age old methods and modern day technology. This tiny little GPS-guided drone called Cicada (Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft) is developed by U.S. Military researchers to perform high profile missions like eavesdropping on troops or normal tasks like weather forecasting.

Cicada drone US military

The drone is capable of flying at 75kph, without any sound, making it a UAV that is exactly like a cicada insect. According to researchers who have developed this miniscule drone, it costs around $1000 to make and in mass production the cost could go as low as $250.

Aaron Kahn of the Naval Research Laboratory said;

You equip these with a microphone or a seismic detector, drop them on that road, and it will tell you ‘I heard a truck or a car travel along that road.

Daniel Edwards, an aerospace engineer at the Naval Research Laboratory exclaimed;

They are robotic carrier pigeons. You tell them where to go, and they will go there.

The palm-sized drone is ideal for various kinds of situations which arise during spying and in-war. Therefore it is going to be developed further to incorporate additional functionality to extend its domain of capabilities.

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