Wearable Womanliness-Boosting bra helps you snap perfect selfies

Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra

Most women are dissatisfied with the options given to them by lingerie companies, leading to lack of confidence. However to boost women’s confidence, Japanese lingerie maker Triumph has come up with the strangest undergarment we’ve ever seen, the Wearable Womanliness-Boosting bra. It is a concept bra with skirt; the complete set is designed to give you pep talks and help you to take perfect selfies.

Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra

It is integrated with tiny speakers and sensors, which can pick up nervousness in the woman’s voice or an increased pulse rate, and accordingly respond to your voice. For instance, if you feel nervous before a presentation or going out on a special date- you can ask questions like ‘Do I look beautiful?’ It will instantly reply with confidence-boosting compliment saying ‘Very beautiful’ or ‘Totally Radiant.’

Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra

This lingerie comes complete with an attached selfie stick that helps to click perfect selfies whenever desired. Still need perfect lighting for a perfect shot? Don’t worry, the skirt can be detached to open up into a photography board reflector, providing perfect lighting for your shot. There is even a string of lights around the bra straps for additional lighting.

Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra

Thinking that’s too much a single wearable tech can offer? But wait! That’s not enough, as the lingerie has more to offer. It features heart-shaped sheath attached to the skirt to put your smartphone into it for recording health data, distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned and hours you’ve slept. This way it will keep complete check on your health as well. What else could you ask for in techy lingerie? It is indeed a perfect undergarment for working ladies for encouraging them to face the world with audacity.

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