DIY Propane Gun fires golf balls to the length of a football field

Propane Gun

When one talks about guns, it is all about action packed sequence filled with bullets flying in the air. Ok I got a bit carried away, but guns and visually impeccable lighting is what one associates with futuristic weapons, the ones we so often see in sci-fi movies. This DIY project will definitely traverse you to the future with a Propane Rifle Gun that has an awesome firing effect.

Built by [TheBackyardScientist], this gun is made from easily available material including TS8000 torch, 10 feet of 7/8 tubing, 7-inch tubing and other commonly used items. The cool effect of a laser like shooter is achieved by mixing propane and air in the tube itself. To try out different color combination, the makers experimented with boric acid to turn the flame bright green and even powered charcoal to get a very unique orange flame.

Propane Cannon

Taking this DIY project even further, these guys turned the concept into a propane powered cannon that can pack some real punch. To give you an idea of what this gun is capable of, well, it can shoot golf ball over a distance of 600 feet and fire 20 golf balls a minute to a distance of a full length football field!

Propane Gun



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