You won’t believe what this Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle actually is!

Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle DIY

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 has just hit the theatres and already it is turning out to be a money churner. Perhaps a perfect situation for Mighty Car Mods, who have created the most outrageously cool Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle that even the movie crew would be proud of. Blair “Moog” Jocylene and Martin “Marty” Mulholland, the two pillar stones of Mighty Car mods have put quite and effort in modifying a Nissan 240SX S15 Silvia into a zombie apocalypse vehicle that can survive even the worse.

With help from professionals like Turbo Yota, the duo and their managed to put together a MadMax Apocalyptic vehicle that required expertise skill and hard work. Fitting the heavily modified Nissan with a GM V8 engine truly turns it into a drifting beast which can crush enemy to pieces.

Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle DIY

Nissan 240SX S15 Silvia turned into a zombie apocalypse vehicle

In the movie the cars are made from whatever can be found to survive in the race for food, water and of-course life. However in real life the Mighty Car Mods has built an apocalypse vehicle that is as good as many other that we have seen in the past. Have a look at the videos of making of this Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 vehicle that will blow you away, enjoy!

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