You could soon be wearing Bionic Lenses that promise super-human vision

Ocumetics Bionic lenses

Can anything be better than 20/20 vision in human-beings? I’m sure you’ll safely say a “No” to that, but medical science and technological innovation is about to prove you wrong. Being able to see three times better than 20/20 vision criteria is what Dr. Garth Webb, a British optometrist has developed in his research facility, literally perfecting your vision at the age of 100 with a technologically advanced bionic lens. Far ahead of the contact lenses, this bionic lens will give the users super-human like vision.

The Ocumetics Bionic Lenses can be installed surgically inside the eye within just 8 minutes, and they will decay overtime, thereby eliminating any need of removal or chances of developing cataract. The lenses will come folded in a syringe filled with saline and after positioning them inside the human eye, the lenses will open-up within 10 seconds.

Ocumetics Bionic lenses

Dr. Garh says that the lenses will enhance one’s visual ability considerably. For example if a person with perfect 20/20 vision can see a hoarding clearly from 20 feet away, by wearing these bionic lenses the range would extend to 60 feet!

Webb has worked on this life changing project for the last eight years, and the inspiration came from the urge to develop something that would eliminate the need to wear corrective lenses that come with their own set of complications.

These Bionic Lens are still awaiting clinical trials on animals and then later-on on blind human eyes. According to Webb we could be wearing these vision enhancing lenses in 2 years’ time which is good news.

Credit: CBC



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