LG’s 55-inch flexible wallpaper OLED display is just 0.97mm thick

LG 55 inch wallpaper OLED display

LG has been putting in lot of R&D into developing flexible displays of the future. And no wonder it is at the fore-front of bendable displays, as was apparent from its 18-inch flexible transparent display. Now, they have taken this technology further ahead with an unbelievably thin 55-inch wallpaper OLED display which was revealed at a company event in Seoul yesterday.

LG Display revealed this 0.97 mm thick OLED panel weighing just 1.9 kg, making it a huge leap in OLED technology thus far. The display can be attached or removed from any wall on top of a magnetic mat, making it ultra-portable for transportation. LG however hinted that this is just a proof-of-concept technology since the cost of manufacturing such a display is colossal at this point in time.

This move by LG is a part of the bigger plan that targets development of bigger, better displays that are far slimmer than their predecessors. The plan is also to keep abreast the latest display trends that include flexible, rollable displays for wearables or automobiles in their dashboard. Moreover LG wants to be the pioneer in OLED TV panels with target of selling 600,000 units this year and 1.5 million in the next year.

Along with this wallpaper OLED display LG also showed-off their convex OLED panel which is going to be used widely for large-scale outdoor advertising.

UPDATE: LG officials have confirmed that prototype version of this 55-inch rollable display will be showcased at International Consumer Electronics Show (ICES) 2016 and the TV will roll out for consumer market 3-4 years from now.

Via: KoreaITTimes



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