Dronebox – UAV with unlimited power courtesy solar and fuel cell panels

Horizons unmanned systems Dronebox quadcopter UAV

Horizons Unmanned systems Dronebox quadcopter UAV

As UAV technology is evolving, the need for multi-rotor vehicles that can perform elaborate missions and provide productive usage is high in demand. Horizon Unmanned Systems is most definitely eyeing the future of UAVs, and they showed it with the Hycopter drone which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Pretty futuristic don’t you think? Another project of there is also aligned with the need for development of UAV’s that are completely dependent on themselves.

This is Dronebox, a drone that comes with its own charging station and communication base which is tailor-made for missions in remote areas and real-time monitoring. It somehow reminds me of the Mars Rovers that are independent and require very little human intervention to perform their missions.

Ideal drone for elaborated missions that require 24×7 surveillance.

Dronebox multi-rotor UAV is ideal for complex operations like detecting oil spills, inspection of ships or search & rescue missions. The drone is equipped with camera, sensors and other modern hardware to make sure that it doesn’t depend on just the GPS connectivity to carry on its mission or return back to its box and land perfectly. These boxes are loaded with an array of hybrid solar panels and fuel cells that ensure limitless power for the drone.

Horizons unmanned systems Dronebox quadcopter UAV

Dronebox equipped with solar and fuel cell panels for unlimited power supply

The charging box of the UAV serves as a base from where it can take-off and perform the mission. In case the mission spans across a huge area, these boxes can be deployed at different places, so that the drone can carry on with the task at hand without worrying about recharging.

Dronebox is going to pave way for futuristic UAVs that require limitless power supply and can be customized according to the client’s requirement. Moreover it can be also deployed for sensitive missions like border patrol, emergency services or off-shore inspection.



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