L’Oreal developing 3D printed skin tissues to revolutionize skincare industry

Loreal 3D printed skin

L’Oreal has been deeply researching ways to beautify human skin, and that is why it invests a huge chunk of money into developing human skin samples in its Lyon Labs. But L’Oreal believes it still has a long way to go considering skincare, so it has teamed up with bioprinting experts Organovo to make human skin using 3D printing technology. Apparently, Organovo has already made in-roads in medical science by 3D printing a human liver tissues, and this new venture will also test their prowess to the limit.

L’Oreal already cultivates 100,000, 0.5 sq cm skin samples donated by plastic surgeries, and this skin is used in nine varieties across all age- groups and ethnic origins. This new partnership is aimed at strengthening this skin farming technology and using it for the greater good. For example it could be used to develop skin tissues that can be useful for people who have major burns or other skin disorders.

On the lighter side, L’Oreal is going to use this 3D printed skin technology to improve its current line-up of cosmetics and skincare products. While Organovo is going to have the rights to develop prescription drugs for development and testing of therapeutic tissues.

Via: Bloomberg



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