Foldable drone transforms into next gen UAV in the blink of an eye

Foldable Drone by NCCR Robotics and LIS

Foldable Drone developed by NCCR Robotics and LIS

UAV’s have come a long since their early development, and in the next phase of evolution, UAV’s are going to get a miniature form-factor which is apparent from some of the drones that we have seen in the last year or so. Going by the same theme is this foldable drone that deploys in the blink of an eye within 0.5 seconds to take flight on mission unknown. The inspiration for developing this folding drone came from origami art, according to the makers Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and NCCR Robotics.

This tiny little foldable quadcopter is perfect for quick missions that require proactive response time, like in the case of an earthquake or disaster zone to bring back photos and contact the relief personnel. The rotors of this drone are made from fiberglass and light inelastic polyester that automatically deploys as soon as the force generated by rotors moves the arms into place. Further these rotors are held in place by the magnets.

Foldable Drone by NCCR Robotics and LIS

Small size gives it an advantage in critical missions

To maintain in-flight stability of this drone, the two rotors diagonally across turn in one direction n while the other two turn in opposite direction. The main component of this drone is the foldable rotor arms which needs to be at just the right stiffness level to make sure there is no anomaly while in-flight.

The folding drone is still in development stage and many new improvements are going to be made in the coming months. But before that, the prototype will make its appearance at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Seattle on May 25.

Foldable Drone by NCCR Robotics and LIS

First author Stefano Mintchev with the drone

Via: ZNet/RoboHub



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