Book that germinates into a tree – Mother Nature is so gonna love this!

Tree Book Tree

Book reading is a good habit, but on hind site we don’t realize how many trees are felled down each year to make millions of books that we read. Somehow the circle of Tree becomes paper and paper becomes a book is incomplete as we are not giving nature back enough. This very though provoked publishing company Pequeño Editor to make a children’s book (recommended for 8-12 year old child) that can be planted in the ground after reading. Eventually with time it becomes a jacaranda tree and completes the full circle of tree becomes paper, paper becomes book and book becomes a tree!

The book called Tree Book Tree is titled as Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva (meaning – My Dad Was in the Jungle) and is all about a rainforest story that children will truly love. This book narrated and illustrated by Gusti and Anne Decis is about a real Ecuadorian adventure in a jungle narrated by a boy to his father. And it is indeed a fitting tribute to what Mother Nature has to offer for human-beings.

Tree Book Tree

The Argentinian book publisher has partnered with FCB Buenos Aires to set out on this cool idea and make it practically possible. Talking about the book’s design, well, it is made from hand-stitched material that binds it together. Moreover it has paper made from acid free paper, printed in ecological ink that decomposes with time. The jacaranda seeds are integrated in the pages of this book and when is done reading it, simply bury it in the ground and over time it will grow into a tree. The publisher has put the book on display inside a see-through box with sand, so that the window shoppers can see the seeds germinate.

Tree Book Tree

The idea is beautiful and it teaches kids how to preserve environment and maintain the ecological balance of nature. Kudos Pequeño Editor, you got our thumbs-up on this project that we would surely love to see in commercial use in the future. And for our readers, we would definitely love to hear the views in the comments section.

Source: PequenoEditor



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