US Army will get blast-proof wallpaper to secure temporary hideouts

Blast-proof wallpaper US Army

Generally, soldiers prefer to take shelter in abandoned brick or cinderblock structures instead of building temporary structures themselves. These are good hideouts only until a missile or some other projectile comes ramming into the structure blasting shards of brick and mortar to kill the occupants. To save lives of troops in such defensive hideouts, engineers at U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) have developed all-new blast-proof wallpaper that is lined with Kevlar fiber threads and is embedded in flexible polymer film. When blast occurs, the wallpaper installed on the walls of the structure, acts as a net to catch the rubble, which would otherwise blast out in all directions to seriously injure soldiers inside.

The new adhesive wallpaper can be easily put on walls from the inside to reduce debris amount sent flying at the occupants in case of explosion. Soldiers can carry rolls of lightweight wallpaper with adhesive backing to these temporary buildings and reinforce ballistic wallpaper easily on the inside of the walls to secure the structure. According to the engineers, the ballistic wallpaper is still work in progress and has not yet been officially named.

A prototype of blast-proof wallpaper was displayed at the first Department of Defense Lab Day at the Pentagon. Over a 100 innovations from US Army engineers were on display at the occasion. To show its strength, the engineers actually reinforced dummy structures with the wallpaper and then bombed and blasted them.

This idea of coating structure from inside for safety is nothing new, we have seen a few examples of similar technologies before, but what makes this new Kevlar wallpaper tech so specially is that it can be quickly applied to the inside of structures at short notice. It’s easy of use and strength is what makes the wallpaper tactical advantageous.




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