Chinese Richie Rich gifts his husky dog 2 Gold Apple Watches!

Wang keke Gold Apple Watches

Wang keke wearing the 2 Gold Apple Watches

It’s a crazy world out there, and money rules the roost no doubt. I say this because people blessed with a fortune can do anything they wish to do. In a country where dogs aren’t used to much kindness, Wang Sicong, the son of one of China’s richest man has done what will truly surprise. He bought his husky dog (a bitch) two gold Apple Watches (known as Apple Watch Edition) that the canine absolutely loves to flaunt.

Wang keke Gold Apple Watches

Apple Watch Edition showing the heartrate of husky dog

Wang Jianlin has a total worth of £25billion and his only son Wang has the luxury of thrift spending on whatever he feels like. Wang has almost 13 million followers on Weibo (social-networking giant in China) and the pictures of his dog adorning these Gold Apple Watches spread like wildfire. Not only that, the husky named Wang Keke has her own Weibo account with 700,000 followers, and the pictures were also updated to her account.

Husky dog adorns Apple Watch gold edition that measures its heartrate
The Apple Watches serve the purpose of measuring Keke’s heartrate and later that day her account was updated with the message: ‘Measuring heart beat showing 59 bpm. This means I have missed you another 59 times in this minute’

All this was not taken very well by the Chinese media and people who are furious with the widening wealth gap in country’s society. And this move by a flamboyant Chinese Richie Rich has added fuel to the fire. As for Keke, she’s enjoying the Apple smartwatch even more, and her rich master makes waves in social-media circles. And worth mentioning, this dog looks damn cute wearing a smartwatch.

Wang keke Gold Apple Watches

Apple Watch fits perfectly on Keke’s wrist!

Via: Shanghaiist



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