Road-legal “Back to the Future” DeLorean turns heads wherever it goes

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

DeLorean car from “Back to the Future” movie is one of the most catchy time travelling machine that has been an inspiration for many replicas and other things themed on it. Although the 1983 DeLorean sports car had to be pushed out of production due to financial crunch, but still it has not lost its charm in the mind of this epic movie’s lovers. Drew Guillory is no different, but his love for DeLorean goes far beyond just admiring the movie and the time traveling car. In-fact he has made an exact road legal replica of the car in his garage.

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

Road-leagal car that is admired by onlookers

First-off he bought a DeLorean sports car from eBay for $ 13,000 and decided to give it a facelift that is exactly same as that of the one shown in the movie. He took visual clues from the look of the car in the movie and crafted all the modifications exactly similar to that of the time travelling car.

For example the flux capacitor, Mr. Fusion home reactor and Gray’s Sports Almanac to complete the look. To add a bit of technology, the car has back-up camera and CD player, while Drew has tried to keep all the other details similar to the original car.

“Back to the Future” DeLorean with exactly the same look as the original one

Drew says that he was introduced to the Back to the Future movies by his brother and since then became obsessed with the gull-winged car shown in the movie and also Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly. He also admits that although the movie was made three decades ago, but still whenever he drives it around the block, people just want to click pictures, pose with the car and are inquisitive about it.

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

The look is exactly the same at that of the original car

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

Interiors of the car

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

This one is going to be quite valuable

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

DeLorean speeding on the highway

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

Drew Guillory in his car

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