Stick-on phone skin to extend smartphone battery life by 30 percent

Stick-on phone skin extends battery life

Smartphones have indeed made our lives easier, but the only problem with them is that their batteries die too fast. Moreover, it’s not possible to carry a charger with you to all the time. To solve the problem, scientists from the Ohio State University have come up with a new way to extend your smartphone battery by 30-percent on a single charge.

According to Chi-Chih Chen- research associate professor of electrical and computer engineering,

When we communicate with a cell tower or Wi-Fi router, so much energy goes to waste. We recycle some of that wasted energy back into the battery.

Stick-on phone skin extends battery life

Mobilephones usually waste about 90-percent of their energy trying to search for signals. This means it’s constantly transmitting radio signals to find networks. But Rob Lee, former chairperson of the Electronic Engineering Department at Ohio State University, teamed up with entrepreneur, Will Zell to convert such wasted radio signals into direct current (DC) power for charging phone’s battery.

Together they have created a rectifier that harvests such unused radio frequencies from phone and puts recycled energy back into batteries, enhancing its life for longer duration. This particular rectifier will further be installed into a stick-on phone skin and expected to cost around £65 (approx. $100). This unique phone case is entirely portable to be used wherever you go without having to plug-in anything.

Stick-on phone skin extends battery life

But the technique works only when a phone is transmitting call, email or message, and not when you play games. As for now, inventors are working with Nikola Labs to develop this inventive technology and planning a crowdfunding campaign to help finance its production.

Before this, we’ve seen Linkase iPhone 5 cases that help to boost Wi-Fi signals by 50-percent. However, a phone case that enhances battery life is surely the revolutionary way to keep your smartphones charged all the time.

Stick-on phone skin extends battery life

Via: PhysOrg


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