Haptic glove for visually-impaired makes shopping easier in the grocery store

Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired

Going to the food mall and buying your required eatables doesn’t seem much of a task for normal people. But for dependent visually impaired people it can be an everyday struggle. To aid blind people in getting through their daily chores without much hassle, Penn State computer scientist Vijay Narayanan with assistance from graduate student Siddharth Advani has invented a wearable device that’ll help visually impaired at the grocery shop.

Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired

He calls it the Third Eye, and this haptic glove gadget is based on a machine vision system that scans the grocery store like human does and then attracts the attention of user to check out that particular item. The system for now is capable of identifying over 90 grocery products, and as the person goes on a shopping spree in the grocery store the system gives coded vibration feedback about the different items in front of it. This helps in picking up the intended FMC goods and therefore saves a lot of time and dependence on other people is also eliminated.

Moreover unlike other systems, the webcam is attached to the palm of the glove, and when the person points at the different items in grocery store it gives all the relevant information to make the valid choice.

The wearable device is still a long way from landing in user’s hands, but Narayanan and his team are looking for ways to make this wearable more intuitive and error-free. That of-course will take time, and they seem to be heading in the right direction.

Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired



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