Google teams-up with GoPro to make the next big “Jump” in virtual reality

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

GoPro cameras assembled in a rig to capture stereoscopic imagery

Google is taking virtual reality very seriously, and just a few months after the Google Cardboard project was initiated, now we have “Jump”. It has partnered with GoPro to bring VR ecosystem to your hands with a 360 degree camera rig consisting of 16 Hero 4 cameras set at precise angle to capture the scene in stereoscopic imagery. Google has kept portability in mind, therefore the rig is quite compact to carry around.

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

16 Hero4 cameras aligned perfectly for the capture

Jump has been designed in such a way that the content shot with it has a sense if depth which gives opportunity to explore the view from different viewpoints. To complement the hardware, Jump comes with a software called “Assembler”. This software does all the stitching of imagery and also add depth of field to it to make sure that there are thousands of in-between viewpoints to explore.

Clay Bavor, Google’s Vice President of Product said at the Google I/O Conference held in San Francisco that Youtube is going to be used as a platform for this new hardware rig. Infact all you need is a smartphone, Google Cardboard and Jump to create some unimaginable magic. Imagine all this with real videos that have real depth of field, and we are in for a wearable device that will give Youtube content creators the opportunity to take virtual-reality to the next level.

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

Works perfectly with Google Cardboard platform

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

VR ecosystem that is ideal for Youtube viewers

Via: TheVerge



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