Google partners with Levis for fashionable conductive fabric clothing

Google project jacquard

Fabric embedded with smart sensors and other electronic to interact with your gadgets is rapidly gaining popularity, and it comes as no surprise that Google has revealed its iteration of smart fabric at the I/O Conference 2015. Dubbed as Project Jacquard, this is Google’s maiden attempt at capturing this niche section of the market that will revolutionize wearable technology.

Essentially this project is all about developing a conductive yarn that registers even the slightest of touch. Proof enough came just in, as Levis announced its partnership with Google for this very project headed by company’s ATAP division.

The new sensors can be embedded into any kind of fabric at key locations where touch input is needed. For example it could be implanted on a section on the arm or the thigh area of your pants to function as an input for smartphone operation. Although Google admitted that the technology will only be an assistive element to the gadget’s input, and won’t replace the touchscreens at all. Their plan is just to be abreast the latest trends and excel in providing masses with the available technology.

This project is clearly being targeted at the tech savvy and fashion conscious section of the society where interacting with mobile devices it going to be the key in wearable technology dominated future.

Google project jacquard



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