Google’s next Android OS is going to be Milkshake, banana or mango, you figure out!

Google Android Milkshake operating system

After the long list of tastebud tempting Android operating systems released in the successful decade for Google, now the next version has been announced at Google I/O Conference 2015. Codenamed Android M, pretty obviously after the alphabetical adaptation of naming Google operating systems, the new OS brings a fresher interface to Android-powered devices.

Google Android Milkshake operating system

The Android 6.0 operating system is going to be named Milkshake in all probability, as was evident from the presentation made by David Burke, Google’s VP Engineering. In the slideshow running in the backdrop, one could clearly see a smartwatch with the milk carton and other related pictures. A tell-tale sign that Google Android Milkshake is on the cards.

Google Android Milkshake operating system

Although not much was revealed at the conference, but we can expect many more details of the new software seeping into the cloud. However David did reveal that the operating system will rollout pre-installed on devices from Verizon and At&T. And also that the OS will provide user with greater control over the permissions granted to apps, like accessing the camera or other stuff. The battery life is also expected to be a major priority with this software release which is good news for power hungry devices.

Google Android Milkshake operating system

Perhaps this was Google’s intentional move to drop the next Android OS name on us. Those who still believe that it could be Google Android Marshmallow might lose their bet, but still there is a slim light of hope.

Google already has surprised many at their I/O Conference 2015, but this bombshell didn’t surprise us much though. It was a long time coming and Android looking to completely dominate the market will look to capture even more market share with this move.

Google Android Milkshake operating system

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