Is Samsung working on a dual-screen foldable smartphone codenamed Project Valley?

Samsung Project Valley foldable smartphone

There is no dearth of flexible displays and dual screen smartphones currently under development by major electronics players in the market. Samsung is one of them and for good reason too if it wants to survive in this cut-throat competitive scenario that demands innovation. Taking things forward the South Korean manufacturer has plans to launch a dual-screen smartphone in the coming future to lend some novelty in the smartphone market.

Dubbed as Project Valley (a.k.a Project V) the foldable smartphone will have two screens that fold just like the shape of a valley. According to inside sources over at SamMobile, Samsung is currently developing this new form factor for a smartphone and could release it as early as next year.

Foldable dual-screen smartphone that will fit easily in your pocket

However there is no official word from Samsung on this development, so for now it stays as a rumor. Although, it won’t be a surprise if Samsung reveals the details of this project in the coming months.

As for a foldable dual screen smartphone, the idea seems quite novel, since people are now looking for a smartphone that has compact form factor, but at the same time doesn’t have screen area constraints. A good example would be carrying a 6 inch screen smartphone that actually folds into a 3-inch phone. What do you think about smartphone? Do let us know in the comments section.



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